Giving Back to the Community

Stop Hazing PH

Stop Hazing PH

Is an advocacy group that fights to stop the crime of hazing through a strategic, comprehensive, and sustained building up of public awareness and values formation, especially among the youth.

Website Workz helped the group in creating an online presence by sponsoring a website.

Website: stophazingph.com

Anthony Vivero Foundation, Inc.

Anthony Vivero Foundation, Inc.

Helps the community by providing free spiritual healing. Aside from healing the foundation is proud of its projects like building 2 churches, and a classroom, giving school supplies to students, gift giving to children during the Christmas season.

I am a proud member of the foundation for 20-plus years now, and in return, I built a website to reach more people that need help.

Website: anthonyvivero.com

Foundation Baptist Church

Foundation Baptist Church

Foundation Baptist Church is an independent, fundamental, Bible-believing, Christ-centered, family oriented local church with a heart for people. It is committed, by the grace of God, to glorify him through the faithful proclamation of the whole counsel of God as revealed in His inspired, inerrant, infallible Word in order to address and meet your needs.

I built the website together with my friend who is a member of the church.

Website: foundationbaptistchurch.org

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